Sarah & Travis met while living and working on the east coast.  They instantly connected about their large Italian families, love of WWE Wrestling, and passion for road trips. 

Both hailing from Michigan, they made the trip from Princeton to Brooklyn too many times to count – listening to Johnny Cash albums and trying to find the best tacos in the tristate area.  Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, from the deck of The Biltmore, they exchanged “I love yous” and agreed that this was something special

After a move back to Michigan to pursue their dream jobs in venture capital and corporate philanthropy, they made it official.  Late at night, on Mother’s Day Weekend, Travis took Sarah to the park across the street from her childhood elementary school.  They discussed having a family and whether they would want their children to attend the same school.  Kneeling, he asked if she might like to share with their children that their parents got engaged across the street.  From that moment they knew they wanted friends far and wide to join them for the quintessential Michigan experience on their wedding day.  They look forward to welcoming everyone in September.